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Full Features

  • Each KotH contains the following properties:
    • Title and Author
    • Introductory Text - Additional instructions or context from the creator, which is given to all users at the beginning of the KotH.
    • Password (optional) - A password prevents people from editing your KotH (and therefore seeing or changing the answers); it does not prevent people from trying the challenge for themselves. Please do not use a password that you use to protect other sensitive data.
    • Any number of questions.
  • Each question in a KotH contains the following properties:
    • Question Text
    • Time Limit
    • Bonus Points - Should the user answer everything correctly, bonus points may be awarded. Typically used for questions involving naming items from a list.
    • Point Deduction - Whether the user should lose points for answering incorrectly, and if so, how many points per incorrect answer he should lose.
    • Specifying Number of Answers - The user may be required to enter more than one answer from a bank of correct answers. This property indicates how many answers are required of the user (for example, "Name 4 of the 7 deadly sins").
    • A list of correct answers
  • Each correct answer per question contains the following properties:
    • Primary answer - The most common spelling or form of the answer, this text is provided to the user as the correct answer after the question has been asked.
    • A list of "alternate" answers - Used when synonyms of the primary answer should be accepted (for example, "Britain" and "United Kingdom" for "England"). This list may be as long as necessary. See the FAQs section for tips on how to use this property successfully.
    • Points - The number of points to award a player who provides this answer.
    • Exactness - If exactness is required, the user must provide the exact spelling of the answer (or one of its alternates) to receive the points. If exactness is not required, the program will identify spelling mistakes and accept answers deemed "close enough".
    • Requirement - If the answer is required, the user will lose points (as indicated in "Point Deduction" above) if he does not provide it. This property should be used sparingly, and is typically used for questions involving naming items from a list.

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