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KotHBot is somewhat of an ongoing project, but most of the work is complete, and the application is stable and ready to use. Download and extract the archive below to a folder, then run KotHBot.exe. See the FAQs section for more information on how to use the software.

Download KotHBot

Last updated: September 11, 2012

Change log for Sep 11/12

  • Increased options for results saving and made the output cleaner
  • When TIME! is called, the question number is now shown in brackets
  • Ctrl+TAB lets you switch between lobby window and answer window
  • Ctrl+W (forwards) and Ctrl+Shift+W (backwards) will now switch between answer tabs on the host side when there are multiple participants

If the software gives you an error when you try to run it, you may need to separately download and install the Microsoft .NET framework if you haven't updated your Windows in a long time.

Example KotH Files

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