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KotHBot is an IRC-like trivia program which can facilitate trivia challenges run by a single user offline, or in a lobby online. KotHBot has many practical applications which range from academic use (as a teaching, studying or memorization aid) to entertainment. Users can choose to self-run an old challenge they have downloaded by themselves, or they can chat and compete against each other while a host acts as an administrator.

KotHBot is a Windows application, and is currently free of charge to download and use. For more information on the history of KotHBot, and the people behind the scenes, please check the About page. If you'd like to read more about what KotHBot is capable of, please read the Features page. Or, you can download the program for yourself and try it out (or learn more about the ins-and-outs of the program by consulting the FAQs or the Tutorials).

KotHBot is currently complete, but still running in the beta testing phase to eliminate bugs and provide the best possible interface. Look for a full KotHBot release in June 2008! This website is currently under construction.

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